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Zhongyi Pro web basic changelog

  • 2017.08.09 Version 1.2.1
    Server migration
    Design improvements
    Bug fixes and improvements
  • 2016.01.06 Version 1.2
    Acupuncture points and Formulas in the Advanced Search module
    Acupuncture points and Formulas in TCM lists
    Natures and Patterns inside all the lists
    First list element triggers default corresponding lists
    4 new videos (tutorial)
    New Formula Type table
    Better calculation of search results index
    Bug fixes and improvements
  • 2015.12.08 Version 1.1
    Acupuncture module with dynamic 3D views
    New Simple Search module
    New Advanced Search module (up to 4 actions/symptoms at once)
    Cross linking of 2 Therapeutic actionsPossibilité in corresponding TCM list
    Complete sheet opening from memo modal windows
    New fields in Patient area
    My profile area improvement
    General interface improvement
    Bug fixes and improvements
  • 2015.05.31 1.00 Stable Version
    First commercial version of Zhongyi Pro web.
  • 2015.03.24.2015 RC 3 Version
    Tables display Speed Improvement.
    Bug fixes and improvements
  • 2015.02.05 RC 2 Version
    Security setup.
  • 2015.01.05 RC 1 Version
    Lab tools (Formula creation module) finalized.
    Patterns list.
    Bug fixes and improvements
  • 2014.11.20 Beta 2.0 Version
    Migration to an SSL secured server.
    Bug fixes and improvements
  • 2014.09.01 Beta 1.4 Version
    Patient management.
    Popup and modal windows
  • 2014.06.01 Beta 1.0 Version
    Definitive design.
    Bug fixes and improvements
  • 2013.09.01 Alpha Version
    Main software functions tests without UI on a live platform.