The platform

General presentation

TCM Pro is one of a kind software which combines Traditional Chinese Medicine millenary wisdom and contemporary web technology.

TCM Pro is first of all a useful and efficient software, for a doctor’s office daily usage as well as for knowledge improvement, research or training.

TCM Pro has a number of innovative functionalities available you may not find anywhere else over the web. (Benefits of TCM Pro)

Fruit of 20 years of research and fine tuning, TCM Pro integrates a database of interlinked informations with more than 250’000 relations (e.g. a link between a plant and a therapeutic action), meaning thousands of data patiently extracted from the Chinese Medicine traditional and contemporary knowledge and carefully compiled.

TCM Pro web platform is the successor of best selling French software Zhongyi Pro web widely used by the french speaking Chinese Medicine practitioners. The web platform benefits from numerous improvements and regular updates.

Current functionalities:


  • 950 products
  • 1200 formulas
  • 425 acupuncture points
  • 1130 points formulas
  • 970 symptoms/diseases
  • 170 therapeutic actions
  • 240 patterns

Interactive tools

  • Create your own formulas duplicating traditional formulas, adding or substracting products, playing with posologies and usual uses while seeing in real time the results of your choices.
  • Save your own formulas for future use, while in a consultation for instance.
  • Cross check informations using the numerous bridges set transversely between sections.
  • Perform a simple search among the lists of products, formulas, points or points formulas, or a complex one combining up to 4 therapeutical actions/symptoms&diseases.
  • Test your knowledge about acupuncture channels checking on our 3D interactive pics their map of points.

Patients management

  • Create new patients, new consultations you may read, edit, print for a prescription or your own records.
  • Use preformatted forms summarizing: patient disease, symptoms, patterns, treatment principles (therapeutic actions) and pharmacopeia/acupuncture best formulas.
  • Generate prescriptions automatically
  • Generate invoices
  • Export patient or consultation data to your computer