The platform

Zhongyi Pro Benefits

Why is Zhongyi Pro a real something else?

  • Zhongyi Pro is above all a useful toolbox and not another widget "about" the Traditional Chinese Medicine;
  • "Prepared" products (Pao Zhi) come integrated in the database. They are classified as different products depending on their preparation base;
  • Therapeutic actions come as a prioritised list which enable products and formulas to be efficiently classified;
  • Our Lab Tool enables new formula creation (or traditional formula modification) visualizing real time effects on therapeutic actions, symptoms, patterns, nature or contraindications;
  • Automatically checks (and warns) possible product overdose and/or not recommended association of products inside a formula;
  • Ergonomy and efficiency for the practitioner as well as for the student;
  • and many other "classical" tools like Patient and Consultations management (practitioner version only) ...

Investigate further and check on the features list, the video tutorials (Videos) to have a better scope of what our platform capacities. You may also register for a free trial (no cards required).